Explosives Testing Lab

Internationally recognized and accredited test laboratory for explosives and blasting technology for civil use.

VVUÚ is notified body no. 1019 according to the European Commission Regulation No. 2014/28/EU Explosives for civil use.

Scope of the tests

  • EN 13630: Detonating cords and fuses
  • EN 13631: High explosives
  • EN 13763: Detonators and relays
  • EN 13938: Propellants

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Accredited activities:

  • Testing all types of igniters,
  • Testing explosives, detonating cords and fuses,
  • Smokeless powder tests,
  • Testing blasting work aids,
  • Determining the explosive and physical-chemical characteristics of explosives.

The tests are performed in accordance with Directive 2014/28/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council in line with harmonized European standards and test laboratory internal working procedures.

Other non-accredited testing activities:

  • Consulting and expert activities in this field of activity,
  • On-site testing of mixing and charging vehicles for producing explosives,
  • Testing blasting work aids,
  • Taking part in handling grant projects in the Czech Republic and EU,
  • Participating in standardization of explosives and pyrotechnics.

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