Dust, flow and technical acoustics testing lab

The test room addresses these issues:

  • Occupational hygiene - categorization of occupational professions (dust, noise, vibration),
  • Operational safety - airborne or sedimenting dust, technical acoustics,
  • Performance characteristics of air handling units.

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Dust test laboratory

Accredited activities:

  • Determining dustiness within the categorization of work according to EN 482, EN 689 + AC
  • Monitoring dust exposure in the workplace, solutions and proposals for measures
  • Measuring welding-stick smoke
  • Measuring machines, technologies and equipment for dust
  • Measuring dust in technologies in terms of the risk of explosion, fire
  • Determining the gravimetric property of dust in pipes according to ISO 9096:1998, ISO 9096, EN 13284 - 1

Non-accredited activities:

  • Measuring the dust deposits of sedimenting dust for environmental determination according to EN 60721 - 3 - 3 and EN 60721 - 3 - 4.

Flow test laboratory

Accredited activities:

  • Measuring and determining the performance parameters, operating characteristics and energy efficiency of axial and radial fans,
  • Measuring and determining the aerodynamic parameters of flexible air ducts and air duct accessories,
  • Determining the aerodynamic parameters of equipment, aerodynamic resistances of flexible air ducts, volume flows and pressure losses,

Non-accredited activities:

  • Calibration measurement of wind speed measuring instruments (anemometers) in the range from 0.25 m.s -1  to 25 m.s -1 ,
  • strength tests of ventilation heads in wind flow.

Technical acoustics test laboratory

The technical acoustics test laboratory, equipped with modern measuring technology from Brüel & Kjaer Denmark, carries out the measurement and assessment of noise in the working environment for the purpose of classifying work into categories and in the outdoor environment.

It also measures, evaluates and assesses noise and vibration, especially mining machinery and equipment, handheld pneumatic tools and other machinery. It provides professional services for technical acoustics, which have the character of additional activities of the test laboratory (expert opinions).

The measurement and evaluation of noise and vibration is carried out in accordance with the applicable harmonized EN standards.

Accredited activities

  • Steady, variable and impulse noise
  • Acoustic performance of machines and equipment
  • Noise on the job and in workplaces
  • Noise outdoors
  • Vibrations transmitted to the hands
  • Vibrations transmitted to the feet of the seated operator
  • Total vertical and horizontal vibrations in the workplace

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